Monday, January 2, 2012

A Christmas Story, Part I

Picture this:
It's Thursday afternoon. The clouds are high and the seas are calm. I'm stuck in the office, on my third hour of mindlessly crimping and coiling cables, pondering why I always have "indoor" jobs when it's not raining, when John asks,

"So, what should we do this weekend?"

"Let's take the boat out. We can anchor somewhere nice. We can catch dinner, and go hiking, and play games. Maybe even hoist the sails on the way!"

It sounds glorious. I crimp and coil a little faster, thinking of a relaxing weekend away.

On Friday afternoon, though, John has the gall to CHECK THE FORECAST...The Nerve...

Gale warning in effect, says one source. Winds 30-40 knots, 100% chance of precipitation, says another. My heart sinks. "We'll check again in the morning," John says with a forced smile, "maybe the forecast will change." I go to bed preemptively grumpy.

Saturday morning's forecast is worse and we begrudgingly make the "smart" decision to stay put. With spirits dashed and no back up plan in place, John reluctantly starts on an indoor boat project (with all that rain coming...) and I pout. Our frowns deepen when Saturday night rolls around and there are no halyards clanging, no waves slapping the hull, and no rain pelting the dodger. THE FORECAST WAS WRONG. A common occurrence in this complex meteorological topography, but I take it as a personal offense. Why would they do that to me?! They just don't want me to have a fun weekend away. How rude. 

This story, unfortunately, is not fiction. I have wasted more than one weekend grumbling about non-existent foul weather. So when we decided that for Christmas we would take the boat out, anchor somewhere nice, catch dinner, go hiking, and play games, I was prepared. I assumed the worst, banned all thoughts that allowed anticipatory excitement, and made other plans. 

Gale warning in effect for the central coast starting tonight, December 25th, through tomorrow night, December 26th. Winds southeast reaching 40-50 knots. Rain likely. 

And the debate begins: 
It's not supposed to start until later, 
we could already be tucked away in a protected cove
But what if it comes early
But what if it doesn't come at all?! 
We don't want to get angry at the forecasters on Christmas, 
that's just not fair
To be continued...

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